Car Hire Excess Insurance - Don't get caught out!

Whilst most car rental operators offer "All Inclusive Prices", this does not mean there is no insurance excess. Car rental terminology such as Loss Damage Waiver cover (LDW) or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) can give a misleading impression that everything is covered. This is not so.

In fact, the vast majority of car hire companies have a relatively high insurance excess, perhaps as much as 1500. In addition, there will inevitably be a long list of exclusions for items such as tyres, windows, theft of, or damage to the vehicle and so on. These exclusions and the insurance excess can often catch unsuspecting hirers by surprise.

Car Hire Excess Insurance is completely voluntary and, whilst most car rental companies will attempt to sell you this insurance locally, these rental operators are also acutely aware that they have a captive audience and the prices for Car Hire Excess Insurance quoted locally invariably reflect this fact. Charges equivelent to $20 per day are not unusual.

Without Car Hire Excess Insurance, you will almost certainly have a hefty insurance excess imposed in the following instances:

  • Damage to windows
  • Damage to tyres
  • Damage to the undercarriage or roof
  • Loss of car keys
  • Vandalism
  • Theft of the vehicle

However, you can now purchase Car Hire Excess Insurance independly. It doesn't matter who you choose to book your car hire through or, for that matter, which rental operator you intend to use.

Now Car Hire Assistant in association with specialist insurer Odyssey Group have put together a competitive Car Hire Excess Insurance package that can be purchased by the day, a week, a month or a year (if you are a regular user of hire cars).

Even though Odyssey already offer excellent rates for Car Hire Excess Insurance, Car Hire Assistant has negotiated even better prices and our customers can benefit from an additional 5% discount on this insurance. With rates as low as 3.89 per day or just 38.50 for an annual policy (terms apply), it makes sense to ensure that you are covered for up to 2000 for any one claim.

Remember, not only does Odyssey cover you for the total amount of Excess for which you liable if the hire car is stolen or damaged up to a maximum of 2,000 any one claim, it also includes damage to the roof, undercarriage, windscreen, windows and tyres, as well as drop off charges and replacement of lost or stolen keys.

For more information including terms and prices view our dedicated Car Hire Excess Insurance website, offered in association with Odyssey Group. Brought to you courtesy of Car Hire Assistant




Car Hire Excess Insurance is often referred to as Car Hire Insurance Waiver, Insurance Waiver, Car Rental Insurance Waiver and Car Rental Insurance Excess cover.